Why do dogs eat grass? (Demo)

It’s common for people to try to keep their dog from eating grass because the dog sometimes throws up after. The connection made is that eating grass makes your dog sick. The opposite is actually true. If your dog eats grass and then regurgitates it in a pool of yellow goo it’s your dog’s way of cleaning out her stomach of something that was bothering her. She is self medicating and there is no need for alarm.

All dogs munch on grass as an intestinal cleanser as well. The fuzzy, broad grass that they prefer catches internal parasites in the grass hairs and helps them exit out the other end. Most dogs eat a little grass every day, some eat a lot. They seem to especially love the fresh shoots in the Spring; like a Spring tonic for their digestion. I let my dogs eat all they want. It always comes out the other end pretty much intact and no doubt carrying parasites and their eggs.

Common sense would tell you not to let your dog chew on grass by the roadsides or train tracks because of toxic stuff.

Some city dogs don’t get a chance to get to the long fuzzy grasses they crave and may need to have pot of “cat grass” available on the patio or even in the house. This grass can be found in pet stores or you can grow your own. Google it; you may find a new hobby.

Bamboo also works for your dog’s tummy needs and is a little hardier than plain grass and looks nice on the patio or by the window. Making sure your pet has access to safe grass indoors will keep them from munching on possibly poisonous plants because of their cravings.

So, let your dog back to those lovely blades and let her eat her fill.


Debbie Wood

Logical Dog Animal Naturopathics


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