Buddies Variety ft. Butcher Block Blends (Demo)

Buddie’s Butcher Blocks

The Butcher Block blend is one of our original creations. Affectionately named after our history in the butcher business, the Butcher Block formula has changed over the years to keep up with new knowledge of ideal nutrition for carnivores.

We now have four formulas for dogs and a Butcher Block for cats. The new formulas were started with thought towards dogs with food sensitivities. Our original and still most popular Butcher Block is made with fresh bone-in chicken, but some dogs were unable to tolerate chicken, so we made one with fresh bone-in turkey. Along that same vein, we came up with the tripe based butcher block and shortly after that, the fish based butcher block.

The formula for the non-fish Buddie’s Butcher Blocks is mostly fresh bone-in poultry. The poultry is ground coarsely so you will see bone pieces in the food. Your dog can crunch on these or swallow them whole safely. A dog’s stomach is very acidic and designed to process raw bones. Next ingredient is boneless beef. We use lean Canadian beef. Red meat contains different ingredients than poultry and variety is the key to good nutrition. The added bonus of having bone-in poultry (loaded with calcium) and a red muscle meat (loaded with phosphorous) is that there is the proper calcium to phosphorous ratio. This means your pets body is able to absorb more nutrients from the food you are feeding – neat!

*If you want more information on the Calcium to Phosphorous ratio and the benefits of raw meaty bones we found these fun articles from Dogs Naturally Magazine:

Three of our Butcher Block blends contain finely ground vegetables. With a mix of seasonal green veggies, alfalfa powder and orange veggies such as yams (you won’t find any carrots here!), our blend has vitamins galore. Although your pet carnivore derives most of her nutrition from raw meat and bones, vegetables and fruits can be a component of your dog’s diet. Buddies is a fruit-free facility and has cut back on the veggie portion in the Butcher Blocks in recent years to provide more meat and bone in keeping with our knowledge on carnivore nutrition.

You will see some fat in our Butcher Blocks. One reason for this is that we don’t emulsify our product to hide it and raw fat is a source of energy for your carnivore. They should not be eating carbohydrates, so they require fat for calories. Raw fat is not usually a problem for the pancreas; cooked fat is the culprit in pancreatitis.

Three of our blends have liver (listed as “organs”). We use only beef liver in our butcher block blends, but all liver is nutrient dense and a vital addition to a carnivores diet. Raw liver contains a surprising amount of Vitamin C.

Bone dust is a product that happens naturally under our meat saws. Captured in a clean container, bone dust happens just like saw dust whenever we process frozen meats on our band saws. Not wanting to waste this rich source of food, we incorporate it into the Butcher Blocks to provide variety and keep prices low.

My favourite Butcher Block is the tripe blend that doesn’t have any veggies, but has 25% green tripe, a necessary component of any raw diet. It’s stinky, but nutritious and delicious!

Our newest Butcher Block is the fish blend. Made with local wild salmon caught off the coast of our gorgeous home on Vancouver Island, it is increasing in popularity without lacking any of the nutrients.

And of course, we can’t forget about our obligate carnivores – the kitty cats! We use a blend of finely ground bone-in poultry, wild salmon, as well as a mix of Canadian beef heart and liver to ensure those kitty cats are getting adequate amounts of taurine.

*For more information on the importance of taurine in your cats’ diet, check out this fun article from Feline Nutrition: http://feline-nutrition.org/nutrition/no-bull-taurine-is-a-must-for-kitty

As a carnivore nutritionist, I recommend the Butcher Blocks be the base of your dog’s diet. Combined with whole bone-in meals like turkey necks or chicken backs you will easily have a balanced diet. Switch between all four Butcher Block blends for ideal nutrition. Ask for a sample menu at any Buddie’s store and ask our educated staff about providing the right variety of foods for your carnivore friend.



Chicken GNA - NEW
INGREDIENTS: 50% Local Bone-in Chicken, 20% Boneless Canadian Beef, 15% Seasonal Veggie Blend, 10% Beef Organs (Liver) and 5% Bone Dust


Fish GNA - NEW
INGREDIENTS: 50% Local Wild Salmon (Bone-in), 25% Boneless Canadian Beef, 15% Seasonal Veggie Blend and 10% Bone Dust


Tripe GNA - NEW
INGREDIENTS: 35% Local Bone-in Chicken, 30% Local Seasonal Green Tripe (Beef, Lamb or Pork), 20% Boneless Canadian Beef, 10% Beef Organs (Liver) and 5% Bone Dust


Turkey GNA - NEW
INGREDIENTS: 50% Bone-in Canadian Turkey, 20% Boneless Canadian Beef, 15% Seasonal Veggie Blend, 10% Beef Organs (Liver) and 5% Bone Dust


Cat Butcher Block
INGREDIENTS: 35% Local Bone-in Chicken, 35% Boneless Canadian Beef, 20% Beef Heart & Liver, and 10% Local Wild Salmon (bone-in)

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My breeder and vet both agree that fish has been shown to be detrimental in the Cat diet. Is there any hope of getting a butcher block without the fist added?

Hello, Rini, I’m sorry to hear that! Is there a specific reason why? Does your cat have allergies at all? Unfortunately, there is a very slim chance there will be a cat butcher block that does not contain fish however, we do have 5 other blends that do not contain any fish and have a new blend coming out soon for cats that will not contain any fish either! These blends are: Beef & Organ, Chicken & Organ, Rabbit, Turkey & Organ, Venison & Organ and coming soon will be Emu & Goat Organ (raised in the Cowichan Valley). Hopefully, this helps! If you have any additional questions, go to our Nutrition page and shoot an e-mail to our nutritionist on staff 🙂

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