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Toxins & Your Pets

Toxins. Just as health comes from an accumulation of things, (clean water, fresh air and sunshine, exercise, rest, and proper nutrition) ill health comes from an accumulation things as well. It is rare that our pets will be poisoned in one fell swoop from ingesting a toxin...

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Urinary Infections

Dogs fed a balanced raw diet rarely see urinary infections. Raw food keeps the urine at the right pH level to keep bacteria from adhering and procreating in the tract and bladder. This proper pH also assists in keeping bladder crystals from forming. If you’re experiencing...

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Plant cells are different from animal cells. Plant cell walls are thicker and tougher to open. The carnivore digestive tract is not designed to glean nutrition from plants. The carnivore digestive system is short compared to ours and vegetable matter just goes out the back...

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