Flea Season


Pet people want a quick and permanent eradication of fleas. I understand; they bite us too. There is a shame that some feel about being unclean when a flea is discovered. And I’m sure you all know the drill on the life cycle and the things your vet can offer you to control fleas. I’d like to discuss fleas from the Naturopath’s point of view.

Fleas are a parasite (or not, to some fully natural thinkers). They take without returning anything, so their value to us is negligible, like a weed (again, a tome could be written on this philosophy). Fleas and ticks love a sickly animal; their blood tastes better. Or rather, a healthy animal’s blood tastes foul. Keeping your pet healthy is the base to keeping her parasite free.

A healthy pet has proper nutrition and lives in a low stress environment. When I say stress that includes freedom from physical stressors like chemical treatments, household items that are off-gassing toxins, synthetic air fresheners, and various smoking products.

Over vaccinating and using chemical parasite treatments are stressful on your pet. A stressed pet is more likely to gather parasites. See where this is going? We feel obliged to keep adding more poisons to our pets to overcome the parasites they wouldn’t have if we hadn’t poisoned them to begin with.

So now what? We don’t all have naturally reared puppies to start with and have the pets we have. First, get that diet sorted out so your pet is getting the fuel to fight parasites. Then we can add outside things. Clean the bedding and vacuum the house; this helps immensely with the eggs. Sprinkle food grade diatomaceous earth around the living areas once a week during flea season. Apply a quality essential oil blend to your pet to repel the little bastards.

Bathing is helpful, too. My dogs are bathed once a month with a regular dog shampoo. A toxic flea shampoo isn’t necessary, just leave the lather on the dog for a few minutes and any fleas with suffocate. Rinse with a diluted tea of yarrow and feverfew and you should have a flea free dog for a couple of weeks.

Use all of these things and you can fight off fleas forever. I haven’t used chemical treatments on my dogs for years and we are in a year round flea area. It can be done.

Debbie Wood
Logical Dog Animal Naturopathics

AUTHOR: Buddies Natural Pet Food
  • alice cyr

    i love these blogs ! So much great information

    i just came upon your website, but i live on the east coast

    thanks for discussing important issues

    also i am now feeding four dogs raw, one complete
    but looking to go full raw on my other three dogs

    need to figure out how to do it so i can do it in a manner that benefits my dogs and i can afford it

    September 2, 2016
  • alice cyr

    Love the blog on fleas. makes so much sense and yes i have had one bad encounter a few years ago

    that particular year my aussie and husky really liked laying in the cool dirt and patio of our backyard
    and we had an exceptionally hot summer
    but those nasty fleas did not show up until the fall
    i took my aussie to a vet thinking it was a food allegy
    she kept scratching but i did not see the fleas since she only had like 3
    the groomer saved the day
    but i spent a fortune when that one vet could have taken a flea comb out
    so i had to take her to our regular vet and put on antibiotics and prednisone for a few days she had a bad allergic lesion

    lessons learned
    now i use cedar oil natural spray
    Praying they don’t get any this year

    September 2, 2016
  • Andrea Z

    where can you get cedar oil natural spray??

    October 21, 2016

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