Super Food Blend

Super Food Blend

Formulated by Certified Nutrition Consultant Carola Schleuss



The super food blend is a blend of herbs, algae, sea vegetables and is a digestive formula to enhance over all well-being. It may be used as an everyday supplement & is 100% human-grade (consumable for humans). It can also act the same as Tripe when used as a supplement (aka you may use this Super Food Blend to supplement for tripe, vice versa, or supplement with both).


Barley Grass Powder, Comfrey, Dandelion Leaf, Nettle Leaf, Forco (digestive enzyme and probiotics), Kelp powder, Spirulina


It is important to give the Liver a brake from herbs and not feed them every day, we suggest a “two weeks on/ one week off” or “five days on/ two days off” system!

½ tsp – 1 tsp per day for cats                                 ½ to 1 tbsp per 1 lb of raw dog food per day


These are known to be very important in our diet. They work in tandem with other nutrients to support healthy cells and overall well-being.


Balance of pH, bone formation, digestion, regulates the osmosis of cellular fluids, nervous system, metabolic functions, oxygen, heart rhythm, teeth & gum health, principle factor in mental and emotional balance.


Antioxidants which are good for: eyes, skin, hair/fur, immune system, mind, nervous system, gum health, wound healing and hormonal balance (such as thyroid and adrenals).