Lexi was diagnosed with irritable bowel disease and panceratitis. She was lethargc, vomiting and simply not herself. The diagnosing vet, Dr. Marlene Smith, suggested a raw diet for Lexi, since the switch to raw, Lexi is like a new cat! She has her energy back, is playful, her eyes are bright and the vomiting has stopped. I’m a convert ! Plus, I’m fostering kittens and I can’t keep them away from the raw food !

Lynn Crandon

Theia started experiencing digestive problems at approximately 4 years of age. She would have intermittent episodes of ptylism (excessive salivation), vomiting, diarrhea, constiopation, gassiness, lethargy and upset stomach. We had many tests done in hopes to find diagnosis, but unfortunately the results were inconclusive. Theia also experienced Hot Spots and itchy, dry skin which led us to believe her problems were allergy related. After several trips to the vet and costly experimental diets such as “Urban Wolf” we decided to try Buddies Natural Pet Food.

We tried beef first and then chicken; both seemed to help, but not completely. Finally, we tried the Allergy Diet (Turkey & Taters) and never looked back. We were able to narrow down the foods that produce allergic reactions and Theia has never been better ! Since we switched to Buddies our Rottie hasn’t had any more digestive problems, her coat is shiny, and she has the energy of a 2 year old. Thank you Buddies for giving us our dog back.

Kara & Rob Goetze

Our German Shepard dog has never been healthier or happier since starting Buddies raw over a year ago. No allergies

Bill McAllister

Hi, I am Rosy! I am a ten year old Sharpe cross. I am a little dog, but I have been a big dog until a year ago. Lot’s of health problems. I was a regular vistior to the Veterinarian for skin problems, prednisone pills and antibiotics. Until, I met the girls at “Buddies Natural Pet Food”, from there on in being fed a wholesome diet which consists of raw food; I now have a tiny waist, tons of energy and tiny poops, no more allergies or pills. I am a happy heathy Sharpe with no more scratching and no one says that I stink anymore.

Linda & Rosie

Recently, the “Paws Gang” ( 3 Swedish Vallhounds & 1 Balinese Cat ) started on raw buffalo. After 1 week their coats were gleaming (especially the black) and soft. Their energy level was extraordinary. Thank you Buddies

Frodo, Mikkael, Anneke, Sho-Lin and owner

I wanted to let you know that we have recently switched to Buddies from another raw diet. Our Kyra, a 6 year old golden retriever has done very well on it. She has even been less food driven after a meal, though with a Golden its hard to tell.
I really enjoy the people working at the store and their knowledge and positive attitude about a raw diet. It is refreshing to see that you are doing well and more and more owners are becoming aware of the benefits to a raw diet. Thank-you very much and Kyra thanks you too.

David, Angie and Kyra