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Start a happier healthier life for your pet today

With premium-quality Raw Pet Food
from Buddies Natural Pet Food Ltd.

Feeding your pet raw food is about building a nutritional framework that your animals won’t just live on, but will thrive on! A healthy nutritional platform gives your animal a healthy, long-life, and ultimately brings them much happiness.


About Us

At Buddies Natural Pet Food, we want to see all our Buddies’ live long and comfortable lives, supported with a balanced, species appropriate diet. One that includes fresh, unadulterated human grade whole foods, providing a good nutritional foundation.

Having a species appropriate diet takes into account what they would naturally eat in the wild, and then creating the closest thing we can to that.

We use human grade whole raw foods to create our Raw Pet Food for Dogs and Cats. Our foods are sourced seasonally and, locally in the Cowichan Valley where possible. We have always worked diligently at developing a variety of different protein-based raw food blends, that contain the right amount of balanced ingredients for your animals at an affordable price.

We want a long and healthy life for every-buddy!