Carnivore Digestion: Part II (Demo)

..continued from Carnivore Digestion: Part I

After raw meat and bones have been broken down in the very acidic stomach, the pieces are sent down into the gut for further breakdown and absorption.

The carnivore gut is short compared to the human gut. Humans digest their food mostly through a fermentation system using bacteria to break down plant matter and cooked proteins. Carnivores use more chemicals and enzymes to break down their food. Plant cell walls are harder to break down than meat cell walls and are not very digestible by carnivores; their gut is just too short and they don’t produce the right enzymes. The vegetables may be chock full of great nutrition, but they cannot be accessed by our carnivore friends. Also, the amino acids in meats start to bind together during the cooking process. Our fermentation system can break them back apart for assimilation, but the short gut of the carnivore robs them of many amino acids if we cook their meat.

The wonderful nutrition that we can get from plants is available in a raw meat and bone diet so long as you feed a variety and make sure the balance is there. You want to shoot for approximately 60% raw meaty bones (chicken backs, turkey necks, whole rabbit, quail, pork, lamb ribs, etc…) 30% green tripe, fish and whole raw eggs, and 10% liver. The vitamins and minerals that humans get from nuts, greens, and legumes is all in the blood and bones of the prey and is much more digestible for your carnivore.

Carnivores don’t require fiber in their diet, either. The raw bone acts as the gut cleanser and poop binder. A raw fed carnivore has much firmer and drier stool with little odour. Their poop is small because they are able to use more of the food than if they are fed kibble. And your dog’s anal glands are cleaned out naturally with every bowel movement saving her discomfort and you having to get them cleaned professionally.

Prepared by: Carnivore Nutritionist, Debbie Wood of Logical Dog Animal Naturopathics for use by Buddies Natural Pet Food Ltd.

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