Cat Grass

Cat Grass For Pets

Cat grass is actually organically grown wheat grass. It is human-grade and is safe for all pets. Wheat grass may be juiced and added to your pets’ meal or your pet may eat it as it is grown.

Ingredients: Coco peat, Peat Moss, Worm Castings, Kelp Meal, Neem Meal, Alfalfa Meal, Diatomaceous Earth – All organic ingredients. This product was grown under indoor lights.

How to care for: Water when dry and keep in full sun. Wheat grass grows fast so keep in an area where pets can eat it frequently or trim the grass yourself.



  • Nutritionally complete food
  • Studies by scientists have shown it to never be toxic in animals or humans
  • Gives energy & stamina
  • Reverses illness
  • Protection of toxins- including aging and combats free radicals
  • Rejuvenates blood
  • Helps shed pounds by detoxifying the body
  • DNA repair
  • Blood cleansing and building abilities of chlorophyll
  • Builds blood and stimulates circulation
  • Stimulates and regenerates the liver
  • Deodorizes body