To Cook Or Not To Cook?

Can you feed a cooked diet?

Homemade cooked diets have been around as long as we’ve had pets and if done well are superior to any kibble, but…

A cooked diet usually includes vegetables which your carnivore cannot digest easily because of its’ short digestive tract so the veggies are just going out the other end for the most part. Cooked grains are also included and carbohydrates upset the acid in the stomach making your pet susceptible to pathogens. Grains are just a filler and also make large stinky poops. Grains can also keep unnecessary fat on your carnivore.

Cooked meat needs to be boneless because cooked bones are dangerous and can cause intestinal damage, so you would need to add a mineral supplement to the diet. When meat is cooked even at low temperatures the amino acids start to bind together. The short digestive tract in your carnivore struggles to break cooked meat down to its nutrients to be absorbed by the body. Humans have lots of gut to break down cooked meats, but dogs and cats do not. More wasted food.

Cooking also destroys important vitamins and enzymes that are necessary to the carnivore.Cooked fat can cause acute pancreatitis and is a known carcinogen to carnivores.

I know some Vets are still recommending the old boiled rice and chicken breast diet for dogs that have digestive upset, but with the above knowledge does this make sense? If your pet has tummy troubles you still need to feed them as the carnivores they are to heal up. The only time I recommend a cooked diet is to wean a nervous human off feeding kibble and then I transition them to feeding raw.

It is instinctive to feed our pets as we would feed ourselves, but their system is as different on the inside as it is on the outside. Your carnivore pets will thrive on a raw meaty, bone, and organ diet. Trust their nature and save yourself time by feeding raw, not cooked.

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