Skipping meals is something that is natural for dogs. Being carnivores and scavengers by trade, meals are not set by a clock, but by opportunity. Their bodies have adapted well to this system and actually need to skip regular meals occasionally for optimal health.

Dogs will fast themselves if they are feeling under the weather and it isn’t something to be concerned about. Their body can spend up to a third of it’s energy just digesting food. Letting the gut rest will allow more energy to go to some needed healing. Never force feed your dog and except for extreme cases don’t try to tempt your fasting dog with treats and favourite foods. I haven’t seen a dog starve itself to death yet. Of course, if your dog isn’t eating for days or drinking and seems to be in distress then a diagnosis may be in order from a professional.

A healthy dog can (and should) skip a meal a week. There are several benefits to fasting your dog. The first is it saves you money, but more importantly there are switches flicked on during fasting that are not on any other time; these switches promote deep healing, some of them are connected to fighting cancer.

Your dog will also remember who’s in charge of the food dish and you may get some more respect. I fast my dogs on Monday mornings and then go to work so they can’t badger me, not that they would at this point; fasting is part of their routine and they have adapted. I feed them supper as soon as I get home.

Fasting allows internal housekeeping to happen and you might see mucous in the stool or some other things that needed to be expelled. This is good.

There is no need to double up the meal before or after a fast, just skip that meal. It’s the cheapest and easiest thing you can do to keep your dog healthy.

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