Green Tripe

That stinky rubbery green tripe is one of the most perfect foods for your dog. Tripe is the stomach of a ruminant; an animal that chews its cud (beef, lamb, pork, venison, goat). Their stomachs are huge for the size of the animal and work like a fermentation tank churning away with bacteria to digest the tough raw vegetation that those particular vegetarians eat. The bacteria in unbleached tripe is beneficial for your dog’s digestion, too.

Green tripe is a by-product of the meat industry and is harvested in the slaughter house. The stomach is removed and emptied of its large quantity of partially digested grasses and rinsed off. If you can get whole tripe and feed it by the piece, it will take some chewing on your dog’s part to work through it. It’s very tough. It is also nutritionally balanced with a surprising amount of calcium which your dog requires.

Most people prefer to serve the ground tripe as it’s not so disgusting to us, but whole chunks help clean your dog’s teeth with that chewing and pulling action. You can serve it frozen outside to keep the stink out of your house.

The beneficial bacteria (probiotics) in green tripe help keep a healthy gut flora in your dog’s digestive system. This helps keep your dog “bomb proof” if bad bacteria get into his system. Green tripe is also recommended if your dog ever has to take antibiotics which kill bad and good bacteria.

Naturally occurring digestive enzymes help break down food that your dog eats and any non-beneficial bacteria will keep the immune system on guard. Tripe is an excellent source of proteins, fats and minerals.

I recommend green tripe as a way to start switching a dog to raw food. It readies the system for incoming bacteria that the dog may not be used to. An older kibble fed dog should get a small piece of green tripe between meals for a week or more before switching to build up beneficial bacteria.

After your dog is fully switched at least one meal a week or a blend that contains green tripe nearly everyday is best to keep the gut healthy and ready for battle. You can’t overdo tripe.

Green tripe helps with digestive disorders like diarrhea and constipation.

Please don’t avoid green tripe because of its yuck factor. Your dog will love it. He won’t smell like tripe and the benefits are far reaching.

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