About Carnivore Nutrition

Feeding raw food is about building a nutritional frame work that your animals won’t just live on, but will thrive on! When we look at the health of any animal we need to start with the foundations, a healthy nutritional platform gives your animal a healthy, long-life, and ultimately brings them much happiness.

You may have heard the term coined B.A.R.F. in reference to raw dog/cat food. There are two meaning to this acronym; the first being, Bones And Raw Food, while the second is Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. Both of these statements are what we like to promote as a “species appropriate diet”, or stated another way – feeding dogs and cats nutritious meals that are as close as we can come to what they would naturally be eating in the wild.

Many people believe that Kibble is perfectly nutritionally balanced, and while it is true that there may be the right amount of vitamins and minerals in it, kibble is not a form of food that is anywhere close to what dogs and cats would naturally be eating in the wild. Kibble can actually be harmful to your dog in more ways than one, it lowers the acidity level of the mouth and gut, thus exposing your dog to harmful pathogens that make us (and them) sick. The acidity level, or pH level of dogs and cats vary greatly from humans, this is part of the reason why they can eat raw meat and we can’t.

They also have very short intestines (in comparison to humans) and this enables them to eat a diet almost exclusively made up of meat. Putting grains and other legumes into their kibble does nothing but inflame the gut track, and have only been popular additions to the diets of dogs and cats since the 1950’s; therefore, not giving their bodies time to evolve enough to process them.

Raw food is easy for the dogs and cats to digest; it gives them all the nutrients they need. When a body it not “fighting” to absorb as much as possible from a deficient diet, it can focus its energy to heal, grow, and fight off small infections or irritations that may otherwise show up as hotspots or weepy eyes.

We have seen dogs go from barely surviving, to thriving on a raw food diet!