Supplements (Demo)

When I speak at raw feeding seminars people get quite worked up about supplements. The information and misinformation available is endless on the latest fashion in supplements. I am not a fan of supplements because I see too many people spending way too much money seeking the “magic bullet” for their dog’s issues.

If a dog is getting subpar nutrition, inadequate exercise, and is living in a chemically or emotionally toxic environment, all the supplements in the world are not going to help. You can put an acai berry on top of a pile of poop and you still have a pile of poop.

I preach to people about getting the basics down first. Proper nutrition. Proper exercise and rest. Low toxic stress load….   Once those things are installed and the body is given adequate time to heal you may find that no supplements are needed at all. I like to see things removed from the diet and not added on top.

I do recommend supplements on a dog-by-dog basis. I have a big dog myself with hip dysplasia and he receives a quality glucosamine/chondroitin blend. Both of my dogs get salmon oil everyday because they are fed raw meat and bones farmed commercially. The omega fatty acids in many commercially raised meats is unbalanced and the salmon oil fills in the gaps.

There are plenty of supplement blends out there with extensive promises. The quality may be lacking, which means it might not work anyway. Herbs have a shelf life and freshness is necessary. Research is ongoing and new information is always coming forward. And many people assume that if a supplement is great for humans it will be good for our dogs; not always true.

It is important to start your dog or cat out with a strong foundation of food then look into supplements. Do your research. Don’t just grab the latest Facebook headline and drop a pile of money on the latest fad. Talk to your animal Naturopath and get the guidance you seek. The cost of a consultation is about the price of two bottles of supplements…


Prepared by Debbie Wood

Logical Dog Animal Naturopathics

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