Keeping your carnivore’s teeth clean.

Some of you may remember the days when “Milk Bones” were sold as teeth cleaning treats. And I still come across the odd person that thinks kibble will clean their dog’s teeth. Nope. Eating cookies doesn’t clean teeth.

Do you need to brush your dog’s teeth, instead? Not if you feed raw! Feeding whole bone-in meals like raw turkey necks, chicken backs, or lamb necks causes your dog to clean her own teeth. A dog with tarter build up can clean her own teeth in as little as two weeks. Ground raw meaty bones won’t do this, so it’s important that your dog and cat get whole meaty bones at least once a week to maintain those pearly whites.

Recreational bones, like big knuckle bones also do a great job, but use caution. Some of the large jawed dogs like Mastiffs and Rotties can get quite enthusiastic and break their own teeth on the heavy bones.

Some of the smaller breeds with pushed in faces are unable to chew efficiently with their back teeth and not get the cleaning benefits of whole bones. Inspect them occasionally for tarter build up. You can try to brush them yourself, but taking advantage of a non-anesthetic teeth cleaning professional is a good option. They can do an inspection and will tell you if a veterinarian will need to be consulted if scaling or deeper work is needed.

Dirty teeth cause bad breath and can be the start of tooth decay. Rotten teeth cause the dog or cat to be constantly swallowing bad bacteria which causes stress on the organs.
Letting your pet clean her own teeth with raw meaty bones is an enjoyable and easy way to maintain a healthy smile and a healthy body.

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