Lynn C

Lexi was diagnosed with irritable bowel disease and pancreatitis. She was lethargic, vomiting and simply not herself. The diagnosing vet, Dr. Marlene Smith, suggested a raw diet for Lexi, since the switch to raw, Lexi is like a new cat! She has her energy back, is playful, her eyes are bright and the vomiting has stopped. I’m a convert ! Plus, I’m fostering kittens and I can’t keep them away from the raw food !

Turiya F.

Hased had been diagnosed with diabetes and hyperthyroid. With a week of eating Buddies raw food, Hased had left behind all of her diabetic symptoms. She wasn’t meowing constantly and had stopped devouring food and water. She became satisfied with the yummy raw food and drinks a normal amount of water. Hased is also gaining weight again

Jan F

My four cats, Karma, Tweak, Gregory and Leemur have had various problems; 2 with long term urinary tract infections and one who was very nervous and territorial who marked EVERYWHERE, YUK! I have tried a lot of different things with temporary results at best. Three of the cats were close to being put to death; something I would loath to do! Since switching to raw food the results are quite dramatic. At first they still relieved in the house-but their coats all became exceptionally soft and lustrous. I then noticed that i was no longer cleaning up “house” problems. I’m truly a “Born Again” convert; a much happier and saner household.

Kara & Rob G

…since we switched to the Healing Diet at Buddies our Rottie hasn’t had any more digestive problems, her coat is shiny, and she has the energy of a 2 year old. Thank you Buddies for giving us our dog back.

Ian R

Our vet said that “Mocha” would need a $2,000 operation to heal her front right leg. But after we changed her diet, weight loss ensued and she now acts like a two year old….We will never go back to dry kibble!

Sarah C

I eventually got the courage to try the “raw diet” and have never looked back again….I never need to take them to the veterinarian and they are in perfect health. In the long run I save us a lot of money by feeding them raw. I cannot imagine myself feeding anything but the best for my dogs. Thanks to Buddies I can provide them with it all.


I have had my french bulldog Tank on Buddies raw food for since he was 6 months old, he is now 16 months old….I would highly recommend a raw diet for your dog, especially if you have a breed that genetically is prone to digestive problems

Linda & Rosey

I am a ten year old Sharpe cross….I was a regular visitor to the Veterinarian for skin problems, prednisone pills and antibiotics. Until, I met the girls at “Buddies Natural Pet Food”, from there on in being fed a wholesome diet which consists of raw food; I now have a tiny waist, tons of energy and tiny poops, no more allergies or pills. I am a happy healthy Sharpe with no more scratching and no one says that I stink anymore.

Lindsay McCormick

“We have a frustratingly picky Shepherd mix named Daisy. Last week I ordered a bunch of cases of different brands of raw diet from True Carnivore and began the big taste test. As I was unpacking the boxes into our freezer she immediately took interest in the Buddies case. Defrosted a few bricks and gave it a try. She is suppose to have 2lbs a day as her metabolism is ridiculous and she is still young. Never have I ever been able to get that much food Into her …. until we started the Buddies case. Everyday for the past 4 days she has eaten her entire Breakfast AND Dinner. This is amazing !! She typically just picks out the tripe I mix in and walks away. With Buddies she devours the entire bowl and I haven’t put anything extra in. I believe it’s because they do a rough ground of the meat and keep it in recognizable form. Most other companies purée the meat into pucks. This product really agrees with her as well. The proof is in the poop. It’s made me a happy Fur Momma #buddiesforlife”

Stephanie Aikenhead

“We love Buddies! Our dog is one, and for most of her first year ate Nutrience high end kibble. Then suddenly she just refused to eat. I tried bribing her with everything but she wanted nothing to do with kibble and even got sick on it. We switched her to Buddies and she loves it. So we love it! No more weepy eyes, itchy skin, softer fur and small poops. Feeding time is fun and easy now. Recommending Buddies raw to everyone now! Shiloh loves it!”

Consuelo Consuelo

“Amazing producers of raw food! I love their selection and their care for detail – I know they source only the best for our companions and keep things simple. Love them!”

Andrew Calberry

“Best Service and Pet Food in CRD!”

Jennifer Roszell

“We inherited a dog that was very sickly. Allergies etc. We turned to Buddies Pet Food in Duncan. We got great advice and were able to turn our dogs health around 100%. She was like a new dog! We have been feeding nothing but Buddies for 2 years now and never regretted it. Unfortunately our dog had a medical emergency and we lost her on the way to the hospital. I had just stocked up on food for a month and so figured I would try to sell it online. Buddies saw my online post and contacted me to bring the left over food back to them and they would refund me. I have never had such excellent customer service, especially since I it wasn’t their fault my dog passed and I had left over food. If you are looking for high quality food with outstanding knowledge and customer service, then go to Buddies! Thank you so much for helping me in such an unexpected, devastating situation, you guys have such big hearts!”

Claire Lofgren

“Great to visit the pups that hang out! The product is enjoyed by my dog and it helped clear up his skin.”

Lesley B.

“I converted my dog to a raw food diet in order to try and solve her chronic digestive issues. It worked! Not only is her digestion happy, but her coat and teeth look great and her energy level is high for a dog her age. Excellent selection of raw bones too. Thanks for providing us with this product!”


“Excellent quality food! Our dogs love it and its packaged with minimal waste. I have noticed an improvement in the quality of their coats and alleviation of allergy symptoms feeding them the wild fish formula. Keep up the good work!!”

Sean Marsh

Our dog looks healthy and fit in part to the excellent raw food diet from Buddies. Highly recommend”

Jade Simms

“(Pembroke Welsh Corgi, just 1 year old at the time)
These folks are nothing short of amazing. We were getting our food from the vet, thinking it was the best, and our trainer pointed out that the Vet doesn’t stock it because of quality, but because of sponsorship.
She suggested Buddies, and we gave it a shot. Our pup’s eye gunk stopped within a few days, his coat is just perfect and healthy, and he has a lot of energy, doesn’t eat too much (he stops when he’s done, never been a glutton), and he’s lean and fit.
All the other Corgos I’ve met have been little chonkers. Ours is big, fit, lean, and very energetic and happy. Gotta give Kudos to Buddies and their food because the changes were very noticeable.”


“Helpful, knowledgable friendly staff. When I was at a loss as to help my dog, who was having health and weight issues, I was recommended to come to buddies. Switching to raw food from a lifetime of raising animals on kibble seems very overwhelming. The staff knows this and helps guide you every single step of the way. She went as far as to look up my dogs health condition and have information printed out the next visit, knowing what foods to go for and what to stay away from.
With their help my dogs health issues have gone away and she’s down to a perfect weight. I can’t thank them enough for all their help on this life changing journey into pet nutrition.
They also have a huge selection of blends and foods to choose from. Bat a price even I can afford.
Your pet friends and fur children will thank you for stopping by buddies.”