Lynn C

Lexi was diagnosed with irritable bowel disease and pancreatitis. She was lethargic, vomiting and simply not herself. The diagnosing vet, Dr. Marlene Smith, suggested a raw diet for Lexi, since the switch to raw, Lexi is like a new cat! She has her energy back, is playful, her eyes are bright and the vomiting has stopped. I’m a convert ! Plus, I’m fostering kittens and I can’t keep them away from the raw food !

Turiya F.

Hased had been diagnosed with diabetes and hyperthyroid. With a week of eating Buddies raw food, Hased had left behind all of her diabetic symptoms. She wasn’t meowing constantly and had stopped devouring food and water. She became satisfied with the yummy raw food and drinks a normal amount of water. Hased is also gaining weight again

Jan F

My four cats, Karma, Tweak, Gregory and Leemur have had various problems; 2 with long term urinary tract infections and one who was very nervous and territorial who marked EVERYWHERE, YUK! I have tried a lot of different things with temporary results at best. Three of the cats were close to being put to death; something I would loath to do! Since switching to raw food the results are quite dramatic. At first they still relieved in the house-but their coats all became exceptionally soft and lustrous. I then noticed that i was no longer cleaning up “house” problems. I’m truly a “Born Again” convert; a much happier and saner household.

Kara & Rob G

…since we switched to the Healing Diet at Buddies our Rottie hasn’t had any more digestive problems, her coat is shiny, and she has the energy of a 2 year old. Thank you Buddies for giving us our dog back.

Ian R

Our vet said that “Mocha” would need a $2,000 operation to heal her front right leg. But after we changed her diet, weight loss ensued and she now acts like a two year old….We will never go back to dry kibble!

Sarah C

I eventually got the courage to try the “raw diet” and have never looked back again….I never need to take them to the veterinarian and they are in perfect health. In the long run I save us a lot of money by feeding them raw. I cannot imagine myself feeding anything but the best for my dogs. Thanks to Buddies I can provide them with it all.


I have had my french bulldog Tank on Buddies raw food for since he was 6 months old, he is now 16 months old….I would highly recommend a raw diet for your dog, especially if you have a breed that genetically is prone to digestive problems

Linda & Rosey

I am a ten year old Sharpe cross….I was a regular visitor to the Veterinarian for skin problems, prednisone pills and antibiotics. Until, I met the girls at “Buddies Natural Pet Food”, from there on in being fed a wholesome diet which consists of raw food; I now have a tiny waist, tons of energy and tiny poops, no more allergies or pills. I am a happy healthy Sharpe with no more scratching and no one says that I stink anymore.