Toxins & Your Pets


Just as health comes from an accumulation of things, (clean water, fresh air and sunshine, exercise, rest, and proper nutrition) ill health comes from an accumulation things as well.

It is rare that our pets will be poisoned in one fell swoop from ingesting a toxin and we all take precautions to avoid the obvious culprits. Wild mushrooms, chocolate, macadamia nuts, antifreeze, grapes, and others. But many of us are unaware of the tiny amounts of toxins our pets are forced to live with everyday.

Fresh paint, new flooring, new furniture, new cars, and even the new dog bed are all off gassing small amounts of nasty chemicals for years. Chemicals that we use on our lawns or that are used in public spaces add a little more to the mix. Air fresheners, laundry detergents, floor cleaners, and oven cleaners put a little more onto the toxic pile our animals are forced to live with. There is not a body of water on earth that doesn’t contain trace amounts of pharmaceutical drugs that have flushed from our bodies. There isn’t a mammal’s milk that doesn’t contain fire retardant.

Then we inject our pets with vaccines containing questionable preservatives. And don’t forget a dose of insecticide called “flea and tick medicine” once a month. If our animals have a bad reaction to this toxic brew we are usually given steroids and/or antibiotics to suppress the symptoms. These powerful drugs have to be cleared from the body as well at the expense of our pets.

If you are feeding fresh, species appropriate diet you are ahead of the game and giving your pet the tools she needs to clean her body out. But the less junk your companion’s body needs to clean out, the more energy she has to heal naturally and efficiently. Look around your home and see just how many toxic things are around, even in tiny amounts because they all add up.

It isn’t just the individual chemicals that may be bad, it is the unknown effects of combining the thousands of chemicals in our world that is scary. There is just no way to study the effects on daily life. The few studies that have been done on just combining two or three chemicals in tiny amounts have shown scary results. Male fish and frogs born without gonads. We are all guinea pigs in this expansive, largely unregulated chemical soup and the results are already coming in.

Avoid the toxins you can and keep your pets healthy to deal with the toxins you can’t avoid.

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