Trying to Keep Up?

Raw feeding comes with a lot of contradictory information. The online communities contain cut-and-paste articles that regurgitate what has been said before, but where do we get facts and where are the scientific studies?

How do you know that you dog is getting enough manganese and not overloading on the wrong fats?
In reality, we don’t have all of the information and we may never have it. Studies are coming out. Some for and some against raw feeding. Studies are like that; it depends who is sponsoring the study and it depends on who’s performing it. If you follow human nutrition trends, you will see that our carnivores are quickly subjected to the same fads within a year or two. This is especially true with supplements.

It can be exciting and exasperating trying to keep up. Especially when a new study comes out after you’ve been diligently adding virgin coconut oil to your dog’s food only to find out it the omega oils are very low and incorrectly balanced; and that your dog is a carnivore and so is difficult to digest, anyway.

I find all of these trends interesting, but I do roll my eyes at many because I have been trained to see my dogs and cat as carnivores, because they are. Their bodies are designed to consume and digest raw meat, bones, and organs. They eat whole prey. They are not adapted to eating cooked foods, grains, or sauerkraut.

Your carnivore will thrive on a diet of a variety of parts from a variety of dead animals. Try to keep looking at the big picture with nutrition rather than trying to find the perfect blend of micro nutrients. Mother Nature has provided everything our carnivores need in the prey animals they consume. Picture a whole rabbit and try to replicate the balance of bone, organ, meat, and “other”.

Those of us that feed raw don’t need a study to prove the benefits, but I admit when one comes out I pump the air and whisper “told ya so”. Only to have a contradictory study come out the following week that I will dissect until I can prove it’s wrong. I’m human, too.

I don’t comment on forums or try to convince anybody to switch to raw. I just take my eleven and thirteen year old dogs out twice a day for a brisk walk and let people see their shiny coats, clean teeth, nice poops, and clear eyes. They don’t have “old dog” lumps and I haven’t used flea meds or wormers on them in years. It’s easier when people ask what my secret is.
Feeding raw can be simple if you let it. Follow the recommendations by the staff at Buddies with variety as the key and you’ll do fine. You fed your kids okay, right? You can do this, too.

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