Urinary Infections

Dogs fed a balanced raw diet rarely see urinary infections. Raw food keeps the urine at the right pH level to keep bacteria from adhering and procreating in the tract and bladder. This proper pH also assists in keeping bladder crystals from forming.

If you’re experiencing bladder problems in your dog or cat you have options.

Some puppies have leaky bladders for the first six months and will pee in their sleep. Although messy, they usually grow out of this. If your pup is still leaking at the age of one, it’s time to see a Vet because it may be a mechanical issue that can be surgically repaired.

Puppies have small bladders and pee a little bit often. This is normal and at about six months will be able to hold their pee longer. Be patient and get your pup outside often for pee breaks. In an otherwise healthy adult dog a urinary problem can be indicated by accidents in the house when they weren’t there before. Strong smelling pee can be a sign, but remember that intact males and females will always have a powerful smell to their urine.

Odd colours of urine should be investigated. Lots of clear urine could indicate that the kidneys aren’t able to concentrate the urine properly. Painful urination could mean crystals. Any of these symptoms require a diagnosis before treatment can begin.

There are powerful herbs for any of these issues and homeopathy can also be the answer.

But a plain old urinary tract infection or bladder infection can be sorted out at home. Start with “Cranimals”. It’s a powdered cranberry formula that fights bacteria in the water works and may be the only medicine you need.

A diagnosis doesn’t mean you have to jump on the antibiotic never ending train. Take the diagnosis and go do some research. The Cranimals website is informative on all kinds of water issues. Check them out:


And keep feeding that healthy raw diet your carnivore is meant to eat!

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