What’s In Your Pets Food? (Demo)

What The Ingredients in Your Pet’s Food Really Are

ANIMAL DIGEST: A mix of unknown animals & animal parts; often the ‘leftovers’ are deemed ‘unfit’ for human consumption.

ANIMAL FAT: Low in linoleic acid necessary for healthy coat & skin.

BHA: Chemical preservative that’s suspected of causing cancer.

BHT: Same as above.

BEET PULP: Filler, high in sugar.

BEEF TALLOW: Rock hard, white and fatty. Most dogs have great difficulty digesting this.

BY-PRODUCTS: Meat by-products have no meat in them; it’s what’s left over after the ‘meat’ has been removed. Questionable nutritional value due to its inconsistent ingredients.

CELLULOSE: Empty filler; often just dried wood processed to a fine powder.

EGG PRODUCT: Leftovers including undeveloped eggs, shells and tissue unfit for human consumption.

ETHOXYQUIN: A rubber stabilizer and pesticide; known to cause liver and kidney dysfunction.

FISH MEAL: Unknown, often unusable fish parts.

FATS/OILS: Usually leftover restaurant grease; often rancid.

FLAVOURINGS: May include substances that dogs are sensitive to such as MSG or HVP.

GRAINS: Cats and dogs are not grain (corn, rice, wheat, etc.) eaters. Their mouths contain no digestive enzymes and no grinding teeth. Their preys’ stomach contains pre-digested plant vegetation – no cornstalks, rice paddies or wheat fields!

HYDROLYZED VEGETABLE PROTEIN: Contains MSG and may cause adverse reactions in sensitive animals.

IRON OXIDE: Basically the same ingredient as ‘rust.’

‘MEAT & BONE MEAL’: A by-product (14% may be indigestible residue) made from mammal parts.

NITRATES: Produce carcinogenic substances called nitrosamines.

PEANUT/SOYBEAN HULLS: Harsh fibres that can create chronic constipation and damage sensitive colon tissues.

POULTRY: Can be any type of fowl. Example: geese, buzzards, etc.

PROPYLENE GLYCOL (related to anti-freeze): Causes irregularities in the red blood cells of cats. Dogs and cats can become addicted to it. It can cause skin problems, hair loss, dull coat, diarrhoea, overweight and even death.

SALT: Can lead to hypertension, kidney stress, and colon irritation.

SORGHUM: Low in digestibility.

SOYBEANS: Difficult to digest/assimilate; linked to bloating in dogs.

SUGAR, SUCROSE, (CORN) SYRUP, etc.: Addictive; empty calories.

WHEY: After weaning, many dogs are lactose intolerant; can cause digestive problems.

YEAST: Can cause allergies.

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