Where Our Food Comes From


As individuals being raised in a growing and sustainable community such as Vancouver Island, sourcing our food locally and seasonally is something that matters.

At Buddies Natural Pet Food Ltd., those same standards matter to us, because we know they matter to you. We take pride in the fact that we source our raw materials sustainably, locally, and seasonally to ensure our customers have peace of mind in knowing that their pet is getting treated with the same standards as you do in your local meat market; Knowing that you are helping your community by buying a locally produced product for your pets – just as you do with your own food.


What does local mean to us? It isn’t just a word used to market our product; it’s who we are as individuals. We are a local family born and raised on Vancouver Island. Opening our doors in 2005, we started as a family company and to this day are a family owned and operated business in a thriving, up and coming community. Being a part of that local community is what has helped our company grow to where it is today. Local is not just a word. It is the foundation on which this company was built and the reason our community can thrive and survive the way it does today. Without locals such as you and ourselves, our very community (and business) would not be!


All of our raw materials come from federally inspected, food safe, human grade facilities. What does human grade mean? It means that all of the raw materials that we use to make your pets’ food have been raised, inspected, and processed for human consumption. Our raw materials are sourced from the same places your local market receives their produce and proteins from – neat! We are not a rendering plant and we do not use any by-products, fillers, or undetermined ingredients in any of our raw pet food. Just the wholesome meat and veggies you would eat yourself!


At Buddies, our animal proteins have been raised without the use of antibiotics and have had no added growth hormones (rBGH). All of our animals have been raised on happy, free-run farms with the exception of some being free-range. What is the difference between free-run and free-range? Free-run animals are allowed to move freely and unrestricted throughout the barn and some confined outdoor areas. With free-range, animals are given unrestricted movement throughout the barn as well as the great outdoors. Due to our Canadian wildlife (such as large birds, cougars, raccoons, etc.) and the colder temperatures that Canada has to offer, free-run tends to be a preferred farming practice in Canada as you are able to care for the animals and protect them easier from diseases, predators and climate change.


All of our raw materials are seasonally sourced as locally and on-the-island as possible. Due to changing seasons, some protein options may not be available at all times of the year and our veggie blends will change respectively depending on the supply and demand that the Island has to offer. In all seasons where we are not able to source our veggies locally, we will buy from other parts of Canada. We support a ‘Pick BC First’ policy with all of our products. Although a majority of our raw materials are considered ‘organic’ and ‘GMO-free’, we do not consider ourselves an organic or 100% GMO-free company at this time.


Being that Buddies is a family owned and operated business; our family has been heavily involved in the 4-H community on the Penninsula over the years. Buddies supports 4-H auctions by attending these auctions to help support kids in our agricultural 4-H community. For 4-H members interested in finding a buyer for any upcoming auctions, please contact us at: info@buddiesnaturalpetfood.ca


When in-season our Beef/Bison is sourced from a variety of free-run and free-range farms across Alberta and British Columbia. During the off-season, our free-run and free-range Beef/Bison come from New Zealand.


All of the free-run chickens that are used in our Buddies products are raised right here on beautiful Vancouver Island – which means that you are supporting the local farmers who are our friends and neighbors, right here on Vancouver Island!


Our free-run ducks come from across the waters in the beautiful Fraser Valley.


We have had the pleasure of working closely with a local Emu farmer who has been working diligently on growing their crop, specifically raised for the use in Buddies products. Our free-run Emus have been raised in the Cowichan Valley and are fed local non-medicated feed. For more information visit: www.mtsickerfamilyfarm.ca


Having a business located on an Island surrounded by our gorgeous ocean, allows us to have an abundance of easily accessible, sustainably sourced wild fish such as Wild Salmon, Tuna, and Herring.


Although BC has (what has to be) the absolute BEST goat cheese facilities around, whole goats can be a hard product to source. Because the demand is not as high in Canada, for consistency and quality reasons, we source our bone-in goat from free-range farms in New Zealand.


At Buddies, we take pride in the quality of our lamb products. We source our free-range lambs from local farmers across Vancouver Island when in season and New Zealand in the off seasons.


Our free-run pork is 100% Canadian and is 100% from Vancouver Island! Canada is proud to have the cleanest pork in the world and is the #1 supplier for pork.



Our wonderful rabbit suppliers raise them on a free-range farm but also have shelter for them to come inside during the night. They are fed non-GMO feed and raised right here on Vancouver Island.


Our largest seller and highest demand product are without a doubt any of our Turkey blends – and for good reason. Our turkeys are from free-run, non-medicated turkey farms raised in the Fraser Valley.


Buddies free-range venison comes from Canada when in-season and New Zealand during the off-seasons.


Buddies uses a variety of seasonal vegetables sourced from the Saanich Penninsula when possible and from other parts of BC throughout the rest of the year.