Who We Are

What we believe to be true:

Living bodies are fully equipped with everything they need to fight disease. Keeping a body fed with fresh unadulterated fuel is the best way to help a body do the work of keeping alive. Buddies raw pet food provides the healthy alternative to dried and canned products.

We would not expect to stay healthy ourselves on a diet of the same kibble and water day in and day out. When a living body is too busy trying to squeeze nutrients out of an indigestible diet, there is little energy left to fight infection. The effects are rashes, intestinal problems, and premature aging to name a few.

At Buddies Natural Pet Foods we want to see all our buddies live long and comfortable lives. Our raw pet foods include fresh human grade meat and vegetables.

At Buddies, we love our pets too!

Our products contain only fresh quality human-grade ingredients, handled in a safe, clean and caring manner. Whole, raw foods are easier for your pet to digest, which means they have lower volumes of fecal matter. Your pet is able to actually digest what it is being fed. Their breath and body odor is far more pleasant and their skin is not so dry, which helps to alleviate itchy skin and hot spots. Fleas are less of a problem, teeth are clean, energy is up, coats are shiny… and the list goes on!

Who we are & why we love what we do:

Buddies Natural Pet Food was founded in 2005 on East Saanich Road. We were formally known as your neighborhood family run butcher shop. When we closed the doors to our butcher shop, we opened our doors to a new and exciting adventure in the raw pet food industry. Our customers needed a service that was hard to come by, so we provided it. We took our human-grade food and turned it into raw pet food for cats and dogs. We still to this day are a proud Canadian family run business.

Our goal when we went into the raw pet food industry, was to make a simple, all natural pet food and have it as affordable and easy to handle as possible. Just like a lot of our customers, we were new to the idea of the raw food diet for our carnivore friends, and it took a lot of research and learning to get started. We understand switching can be difficult and confusing at times, but that’s where Buddies is here to help! Raw feeding doesn’t have to be expensive, confusing and complicated. We have lots of friendly employees that are eager to help you along the road of raw feeding who are knowledgeable in raw feeding, tips, advice and answers to all of your questions. Our goal is to keep it simple…. go “back to basics” with Buddies. We offer the largest variety of raw food on Vancouver Island with a wide range of packaging for bulkier eaters to smaller appetites. Buddies has it all and we are here to make raw feeding simple! We’re glad you took the time to research your pet’s food for their health and nutrition and are here to help whenever needed. Rah-Raw! Let’s go Back to Basics together.

Thank you for giving us this opportunity to keep your pet healthy and strong