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Ready, Set, Go!

The winning result is Quality Raw Pet Food from

Buddies Natural Pet Food LTD.

Your pets want and need our premium-quality raw pet food!

Raw Benefits

Bright Eyes
Fresher Breath, Whiter Teeth
Strengthed Immune System
Strengthens Bone & Tendons
Less Allergies
Helps with digestion
Soft & Luxurious Coat

Raw Natural Pet Food ~ As Nature Intended

Buddies products contain only fresh human-grade ingredients

The Best Pet Fuel

Whole foods are the best fuel our animals bodies are designed to digest.

100% Natural

Our products are 100% gluten free, grain free, and Canadian!

Premium Quality

If we ourselves would not ingest the ingredients we feed to our companions, then you will not find those ingredients in our products!

Local Ingredients

Buddies Natural Pet food sources all of our products locally and seasonally with a majority of our ingredients coming fresh from beautiful Vancouver Island Canada

Your pets will LOVE

Buddies Blends

Our blends are created from a wide variety of proteins such as Beef, Emu, Goat, Kangaroo, Lamb, Pork, Poultry (Chicken, Cornish Hen, Duck, Turkey), Rabbit, Wild Fish (Salmon, Herring) and Venison. Buddies focuses primarily on protein based blends but does use celery, seasonal leafy greens, seasonal squash, yams, and zucchini in some of our blends.


Raw Pet Food Feeding Estimates

Based on Animal Weight and Activeness


Buddies Cat Food Calculator

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Per Month
Buddies Dog Food Calculator

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Per Month
Use discretion based on your own animal’s breed, weight, age, and activity level.

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